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    Saturday, June 10, 2006

    Predictions Anyone?
    How will the headlines read coming out of Greensboro?

    "Southern Baptists Have a New Biblical Life Coach."

    "SBC Turns a New Page."

    "Sutton Surprises Southern Baptists"

    "SBC's Conservative Fathers Hold Control."

    "SBC Reformers New Force in Convention."

    You get the idea, we want to hear from you!

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/10/2006 12:39:00 PM

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    McPheever in Greensboro?

    Update: Boy Wonder, I'm still working on the tan at an undisclosed location.

    Sorry, no Katharine but we are going to get an speech from Condi on Wednesday and a plenty of Fred Phelps and his ilk during the week. I remember them coming to central Arkansas to protest Dr. Horne, at Immanuel during the 1990s: such misguided people.

    Anyone who has ever been to a Southern Baptist Convention knows that the musical elements of the program always include a smattering of various choirs and occasionally, some prominent recording artists.

    Of course, these artists rarely insert themselves into the political goings on of the meeting. So, you can imagine that Boy Wonder's heart skipped just a little when he read the following headline:

    McPhee named to second term as president of SBC

    "Holy denominational screwup, Batman!" he exclaimed -- confused, yet excited at the possibility of spotting the fair maiden in Greensboro. But alas, it was a different McPhee...and a different SBC. There's always next year.

    (Note to 2007 convention planners - we think a duet of Andrea Bocelli and Katharine McPhee singing "The Prayer" might be a nice touch).

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/10/2006 10:45:00 AM

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    SBC Presidential Election
    According to Jamie "WOOT!" "WOOT!" Wootten .

    We liked this paragraph:

    "Closely related to that is the narrowing of parameters of whom
    we can cooperate with. I supported withdrawing from the BWA but that was a
    different issue than the tongues/baptism. We have made the BFM 2000 a hill to
    die on. Fine, just stick with it and stop going further."

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/10/2006 10:07:00 AM

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    Update from I-40.
    From the pen o' Batman...

    We decided to make a stop along the road last night instead of going straight through. I'm currently lounging by the pool catching up on the latest news (and checking out everyone's new blogs). I read the story Wade Burleson linked to
    (via bloggin' queen Dorcas Hawker) from the Dallas Morning News.

    Couple of (simple) heat induced thoughts:

    Obviously, this is the first SBC Convention in the prolific blogging age. Thanks to the bloggers this also could be the most informed group of messengers in the history of our convention. This gives us hope that the focus will be on so many important issues that we care so much about. WE ARE EXCITED!
    I predict that the named bloggers we have come to know and love will be warmly received by many of the rank and file messengers. It is true that Marty, Wade and crew will be setup at an autograph booth outside the main hall?

    We will try to blog from the convention hall, but not sure we want to pay the $89 a day for the wireless connection. So we may update at the end of the day.

    For now...CANNONBALLLLL!!!!!!

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/10/2006 08:53:00 AM

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    Friday, June 09, 2006

    Satanic Attack at Jonesboro IHOP?

    A troubling encounter took place Tuesday night at the International House of Pancakes in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

    The Jonesboro Sun reports (emphasis added):

    Chemicals affect 27 at restaurant

    JONESBORO -- A Jonesboro restaurant was evacuated Tuesday evening and several customers were sent to the hospital after an unidentified, sickening substance was set off inside the business.


    "Due to the symptoms of the victims, it is believed that some substance, such as tear gas or some similar substance, may have been sprayed in the seating area of the restaurant," the report read.

    One male customer told police he and others were talking about religious issues when a group of teen-agers began to make anti-religious statements.

    "Six young folks sitting at table was making comments," one customer who was injured wrote in a statement to police. "Said '[expletive] God, Satan is my savior,' and they got up and left restaurant."

    The chemical substance began to react inside the building soon after the group of teen-agers left the building, several customers noticed.

    Click here for the Jonesboro Sun story
    Click here for the Fox 16 story.

    Sometimes, we forget there is a spiritual war going on out there.

    "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." -- I Peter 5:8 (KJV)

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/09/2006 11:11:00 AM

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    Thursday, June 08, 2006

    As we set out for Greensboro...

    We have a lot of fun on our blog, often times at other people's expense. While we may poke and prod, it is with a sincere heart that we will pray for the men who may soon be in a position to lead our convention.

    God is sovereign. Our prayer is that He may be lifted up in Greensboro. We trust that the Holy Spirit will move in the lives of the unsaved as they hear the Gospel either in the convention hall or on the street. We love being Baptists -- some days more than others, and we hope that our convention will be strengthened next week.

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/08/2006 08:14:00 PM

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    From the Culture Desk...
    (Note from Batman, this is Boywonder's work. He likes to write, research and search numerous blogs, I like to play with Photoshop, but you know that.)

    The Motion Picture Association of America would like to remind you that when you're at the theater, please turn off your cell phones and try not to think about Jesus.
    In the news:
    Narrow focus draws 'PG' rating for Baptist-backed film

    (Scripps Howard News Service) - The Christian moviemakers behind a low-budget film called "Facing the Giants" were stunned when the MPAA pinned a PG rating on their gentle movie about a burned-out, depressed football coach whose life -- on and off the field -- takes a miraculous turn for the better.

    "What the MPAA said is that the movie contained strong 'thematic elements' that might disturb some parents," said Kris Fuhr, vice president for marketing at Provident Films, which is owned by Sony Pictures. Provident plans to open the film next fall in 380 theaters nationwide with the help of Samuel Goldwyn Films, which has worked with indie movies like "The Squid and the Whale."

    Which "thematic elements" earned this squeaky-clean movie its PG?

    "Facing the Giants" is too evangelistic.
    Read the whole thing.
    This is the same kind of deadpan response that End of the Spear received from critics. The word "proselytizing" was used to describe that film as well, but what should viewers expect from a true story about missionaries?

    Have they forgotten the incredible success of The Passion of the Christ which proved the market viability of Christian-themed movies?

    One can see why that movie was rated for older viewers, but what is troubling is the fact that in this case, they are worried about the topic being "offensive". Since when has Hollywood been concerned with being offensive?

    A blogger over at Townhall.com calls the MPAA a "new tool of the Left."

    The Brutally Honest blog says, "One wonders what the MPAA might have done if the film being rated was heavily laden with messages supporting Islam. "


    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/08/2006 08:06:00 AM

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    Wednesday, June 07, 2006

    A Tale of Two Suttons
    Which one would lead the SBC?

    First, Jerry "The Stinger" Sutton has some sharp words about opponent Frank Page and seems to a little less than satisfied with dissent in the SBC in this Associated Press Story.

    Second, Jerry Sutton sounds a little more reasonable in the interview with Marty Duren over at the OUTPOST.

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/07/2006 09:04:00 PM

    you can post here: [4 comment(s)]

    Well we don't know what happened, but some of our code in the template was wiped out. We had a few problems, but we have fixed them and changed our password.

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/07/2006 09:56:00 AM

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    Dr. Sam Shaw resigns as senior pastor of Germantown Baptist Church.

    Read Dr. Shaw's statement to his church

    Here's a little background from the Associated Baptist Press.

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/07/2006 06:47:00 AM

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    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    You've heard of Boston Legal, but have you heard of the Baptist Anti-Legalists...

    starring Ben Cole and Wade Burleson?

    We've heard rumors that Cole and Burleson will polish off each evening with a cigar and beverage of choice on the balcony of the presidential suite of the Sheraton Hotel following the days events at the convention. (If you don't watch Boston Legal, the aforementioned text means nothing to you. Dr. Akin, we are joking about the cigars and drinks. )

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/06/2006 08:02:00 PM

    you can post here: [8 comment(s)]

    Could there be a CAGE MATCH?

    This arrived in our inbox tonight. We can only take credit for the inspiration of this wonderful representation of the SBC presidential race. Thanks to the creator for using the monikers "Coach Floyd" and the "Paginator." Bussey we know you love this!

    UPDATE: We had to add "The Stinger" to the mix.


    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/06/2006 05:50:00 PM

    you can post here: [6 comment(s)]

    I-40 detour to affect SBC travel

    Travel to the Southern Baptist Convention eastbound on Interstate 40 will require a 51-mile detour between Knoxville, Tenn., and Asheville, N.C., for 24 hours beginning at 10 p.m. Saturday, June 10, according to a June 2 announcement by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

    The department is doing maintenance work on a tunnel in Haywood County inside the North Carolina state line.

    According to a NCDOT news release, motorists traveling east on I-40 will be routed on Interstate 81 north to Johnson City, Tenn., then on Interstate 181 to Interstate 26 east to Interstate 240 east in Asheville to reconnect with I-40.

    According to Mapquest, the detour will cover 167 miles from Knoxville to Asheville compared to the 116 miles when Interstate 40 is open.

    Convention manager Jack R. Wilkerson described the tunnel maintenance as “certainly a regrettable development for those who will be using Interstate 40 to travel to SBC annual meeting in Greensboro. But we do want to make this information available so that alternate routes can be taken.”

    The two-day SBC Pastors’ Conference and Woman’s Missionary Union annual meeting both begin Sunday, June 11, followed by the SBC’s June 13-14 sessions. Several other auxiliary meetings also meet on June 11-12.

    The specific area affected by the tunnel closure is from exit 451 in Tennessee to exit 15 in North Carolina. The NCDOT Traveler Information Management website is www.ncdot.org/traffictravel. Motorists also can call 511, the state’s free travel information line for current travel conditions.

    RALEIGH, N.C. (BP)

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/06/2006 10:33:00 AM

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    Okay we are the last ones to put something up about Sutton. To say the least, it is going to be interesting convention.

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/06/2006 10:00:00 AM

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    Monday, June 05, 2006

    Surprise, Surprise, President Bush Endorses Marriage Protection Amendment

    President Bush spoke out today in favor of traditional marriage and for a Constitutional amendment to protect the institution from meddlesome courts. Among his remarks:
    The union of a man and woman in marriage is the most enduring and important human institution. For ages, in every culture, human beings have understood that marriage is critical to the well-being of families. And because families pass along values and shape character, marriage is also critical to the health of society. Our policies should aim to strengthen families, not undermine them. And changing the definition of marriage would undermine the family structure.
    Read the full statement here.

    Liberals, of course, are going to strongly oppose this effort and demagogue it to death. So far, only one Democratic member of the Senate, Ben Nelson of Nebraska has said they will vote in the affirmative. Let us pray that conservative leaders will have the moral fortitude to take a stand on this issue.

    Here's a story from The Christian Post discussing Southern Baptist support for the amendment.

    Encourage your senators to support the Marriage Protection Amendment!

    Whether you are from Arkansas or not, we would ask for particular pressure to be put on Senators Blanche Lincoln and Senator Mark Pryor, both are Democrats and claim to be Christians. Last time, they voted to prevent the amendment from coming up for consideration. They need to change.

    Pryor is a former member at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock. His former pastor, Robert Lewis, who helped him get elected to the Senate in 2002, will be speaking at one of the breakout sessions at the Pastor's Conference next week. Now Pryor attends the Mosaic Church.

    Blanche is a member of the American branch of the Church of England.

    Click here for Senator Lincoln's contact information

    Click here for Senator Pryor's contact information

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/05/2006 09:15:00 PM

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    Something the watch for in Greensboro...especially if things go the reformers way!

    From the Chicago Tribune:
    Study: Explosive disorder affects 16 million
    By Ronald Kotulak
    Tribune science reporter

    One in 20 Americans may be susceptible to uncontrollable anger attacks in which they lash out in road rage, spousal abuse or other severe transgressions that are totally unjustified, researchers from Harvard and the University of Chicago have found.

    Their nationwide study found that the condition called intermittent explosive disorder, or IED, is not the rare occurrence that psychiatrists had previously thought. Four to five percent of people in the study were found to have physically assaulted someone, threatened bodily harm or destroyed property in a rage an average of five times a year.

    Read the rest of the story

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/05/2006 04:04:00 PM

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    That's My King!

    Well, hopefully, everyone had a Sunday that got them excited for the Week. If, for some reason, you have a "case of the Mondays" - here's something to get you going. It's an audio clip (with added illustrations) from a message by the late Dr. S.M. Lockridge. He was pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in San Diego from 1953-1993. He passed away in 2000.

    For you pastors and creative media guys, it might be something you'd want to play for your church. Either way, you'll probably want to bookmark the link or download the mp3 so you can listen to it whenever you want to get fired up. It will encourage and lift your spirit. We'll understand if you find yourself shouting from your desk chair! Our God is good!

    Now that'll preach!

    Here's an mp3 (Right-click the link and choose "save target as...")

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/05/2006 07:14:00 AM

    you can post here: [2 comment(s)]

    Sunday, June 04, 2006

    We haven't forgotten the SBC Presidential contest. We continue to hear reports from people in Arkansas, and the rest of the South, who say that Ronnie Floyd's presidential aspirations (or whatever you want to call it) are in trouble and for one simple reason, which we express here, graphically:

    Ronnie's Run

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/04/2006 08:28:00 PM

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    One Step Forward, One Step Back

    On Friday, we posted about a new program, sponsored by Prison Fellowship, being implemented within the Arkansas prison system designed to reduce recidivism rates among inmates. We were certainly glad to hear that our state is open to such faith-based initiatives, especially with the full support of our governor.

    Well, it seems Iowa may have to take a step in the other direction, no thanks to a federal judge and the ever-despicable Barry Lynn. Note this story from the AP:
    Iowa prison ordered to close Bible program

    By JAMES BELTRAN, Associated Press Writer
    Sat Jun 3, 9:43 AM ET

    A judge has ruled that a Bible-based prison program violates the First Amendment's freedom of religion clause by using state funds to promote Christianity to inmates.

    Prison Fellowship Ministries, which was sued in 2003 by an advocacy group, was ordered Friday to cease its program at the Newton Correctional Facility and repay the state $1.53 million.

    "This calls into question the funding for so many programs," said Barry Lynn, executive director of the Washington-based Americans United for Separation of Church and State, which filed the suit. "Anyone who doesn't stop it is putting a giant 'sue me' sign on top of their building."


    U.S. District Judge Robert Pratt called the perks "seemingly minor benefits" that constituted unfair treatment to those not in the religious program. Despite any claims of rehabilitating inmates, the program "impermissibly endorses religion," Pratt wrote.

    Here's a link to the full story

    Here at ARB, The Boy Wonder is tired of these ceaseless attacks being carried out by our federal judiciary and this so-called "minister" Barry Lynn. Their quest to uphold the "separation of church and state" as sacred dogma over the nobility and right of free exercise is disgusting. It seems the only realm toward which political correctness and tolerance do not apply is Christianity. Let us pray that this decision is overturned on appeal.

    Meanwhile, may God grant true freedom to souls imprisoned, by bars or otherwise.

    Isaiah 61:1-2 (NIV)
    "The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners..."

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/04/2006 02:38:00 PM

    you can post here: [0 comment(s)]

    This is a funny resemblance -- just the hair cut.

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/04/2006 12:31:00 PM

    you can post here: [1 comment(s)]

    On Tap for the Hogs

    Arkansas vs. Ole Miss
    Saturday, October 21, 2006
    Fayetteville 11:30 A.M. On TV. [Lincoln Financial Sports]

    Opposing Team Sites:

    Official Ole Miss Football
    Rivals Ole Miss
    Scout Ole Miss


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