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    Saturday, July 01, 2006

    This is a shout out to our pal Joe Kennedy, who is in New Orleans.
    Check out his pictures of Ninth Ward and Chalmette.

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 7/01/2006 06:37:00 AM

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    Friday, June 30, 2006

    Truth, Justice and the Baptist Way!

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/30/2006 11:42:00 PM

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    This could be the funniest thing we've read this week.
    This comes from Kevin Stilley's blog:

    "Despite what Ben Cole, Wade Burleson, Tom Ascol, Marty Duren and others might say about certain other beverages (smile), there has never been, and never will be a drink that is more perfect than milk when it comes direct from the cow. It has now been at least 20 years since I last tasted this nectar of God, and yet I can still taste it . . hmmmmmmm. During pasteurization milk is heated to about 1500 degrees to kill all the bacteria, however, it also kills all that makes it UNBELIEVABLE. It is legal to sell raw milk in 28 States, however, in Texas only one dairy is licensed to sell it."

    Kevin, we can't stop laughing.

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/30/2006 09:30:00 PM

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    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/30/2006 09:20:00 PM

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    Weighs in on the SBC Alcohol Resolution

    We here at the Arkansas Razorbaptist, certianly respect Dr. Danny Akin. Yesterday, the Florida Baptist Witness ran his column endorsing the alcohol resolution offered and approved by messengers at the convention. Akin acknowledges one truth and that is that scripture doesn't mandate a total abstinence postion on beverage alcohol. He then defends his own postion of total abstience by offering the thoughts and works of others, mainly Bob Stein and John MacArthur (we wished that the Flordia Baptist Witness could have provided links to the sermons and articles Akin referenced). We certianly respect his position of total abstinence and appreciate the fact that Dr. Akin didn't sucumb to name-calling against those who disagree with him.

    We disgree with Dr. Akin specifically on this point:
    Third, some draw an analogy with gluttony and point out 1) we don’t have the stomach (pun intended!) to address this, and 2) like gluttony, the issue is moderation. However, logic and experience refute this argument. I would agree we should address the sin of gluttony and perhaps even do so by resolution. But, no one even potentially becomes intoxicated by eating too much, and we do not lose thousands of lives each year because of DUG (Driving Under Gluttony).

    Thousands of lives are lost to the affects of overeating and practicing bad health habits. In fact, more harm, longer lasting harm, is being done in Baptist circles by people who are guilty of the sin of gluttony. (Batman is certianly guilty of this sin.)

    Dr. Akin wrote:

    Further, Paul’s guidelines for the gray areas of life are helpful at this point. Does this action help me? (1 Cor. 6:12) Can this action enslave me? (1 Cor. 6:12) Could this action be a stumbling block to a fellow believer (1 Cor. 8:13) or an unbeliever (1 Cor. 9:19-22; 10:32-33)? These principles could be summarized in the maxim: “love for others regulates my liberty.”

    We would like to ask, what harm is done by consuming a glass of wine with a meal within the privacy of one's home? We would like to ask the harm that is done when consuming a malted beverage while grilling out at one's home? I know many Baptists who regulate their liberty and only consume beverage alcohol within the privacy of their homes.

    For many years, issues related to alcohol have captured the minds of Baptists. Frankly, we have never been able to discuss the issue from a scriptural point of honesty. We appreciate those brothers and sisters who respect Christian liberty that is exercised with the love of others in mind.

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/30/2006 09:10:00 PM

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    We liked James A. Smith, Sr.'s most recent column.

    We hope you guys are okay with the purple tinted glasses. We wouldn't want to cause a rift in SBC blogland :)

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/30/2006 06:54:00 PM

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    Bible Education: Reviving an American Tradition

    Heard about this on K-LOVE the other morning:

    New legislation in South Carolina signed by the governor will allow students to receive elective credit for taking Bible classes off-campus. Read story here.

    Another story said:

    About 270,000 students around the country participate in release-time programs, according to the national Bible Education in School Time Network.

    Only two states - Georgia and now South Carolina - authorize high school elective credit for release time, said state Sen. Chip Campsen, R-Charleston, who sponsored the legislation.

    Under the law, students can earn up to two elective credits in release time. Districts will decide whether to extend the credit, and they have to evaluate proposed courses on a secular basis, as they do when deciding which credits to accept for a student transferring in from a private religious school.
    Let's hope this trend continues across the country. In Colonial America, the Bible was used as a textbook. What a great opportunity this is to forge a return to that practice and to offer a real education alternative to today's secular indoctrination.

    Baptists have so much potential to influence and champion things like this! Do any of you know about any churches who are involved in programs like this and how they've been going? Or, anyone considering starting something like this themselves? We'd like to hear about it.

    Check out the Best (Bible Education in School Time) Network for more information on Bible education across the country. They'll even send you a start-up kit.

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/30/2006 11:50:00 AM

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    Public Service Announcement: Mobile Version of ARB

    As you may have noticed in the sidebar, we now have a mobile version of The Arkansas Razorbaptist blog available. Now you can read us on the go, when you travel, or whenever!

    What inspired this, you ask? (I wouldn't ask that!) Well, we'll tell you anyway. (1) We just thought it was cool, and (2) Boy Wonder took some vacation after Greensboro, sans laptop and internet access, and had to catch up on a week of posts when he got back. So, he decided to set up a cell phone-accessible version.

    How do you get to it? Here's what you do - in your phone's mobile browser, just enter the address - winksite.com/arb/blog - and it should come right up. Pretty simple.

    Most of you probably have better things to do with your time, but if you get bored, hey - we're here for ya.

    Check out winksite.com if you feel like making your own blog mobile. This concludes today's public service announcement.


    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/30/2006 08:24:00 AM

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    Thursday, June 29, 2006

    Arkansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Gay Foster Parent Ban

    LATEST UPDATE (6/30): Governor Huckabee, just back from a trip from Asia, reacts to court decision. He says the legislature should pass a statutory ban. Read about it here.

    Jun 29, 10:59 AM EDT
    Ark. high court says gays can be foster parent

    Associated Press Writer

    LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- The Arkansas Supreme Court on Thursday said that gays can qualify as foster parents and that barring them from parenting foster children was based on one group's view of morality.

    In a unanimous ruling upholding a lower court decision that a state ban was unconstitutional, the high court said that no connection exists between a foster child's well-being and the sexual orientation of that child's foster parents.

    Justices agreed with Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox's ruling that the ban seeks to regulate "public morality" - something the board was not given the authority to do. And the high court said the state Child Welfare Agency Review Board in adopting the ban violated the separation of powers doctrine.

    "There is no correlation between the health, welfare and safety of foster children and the blanket exclusion of any individual who is a homosexual or who resides in a household with a homosexual," Associate Justice Donald Corbin wrote in the opinion.
    Read the full story from the Baxter Bulletin.
    (Hat tip to the Arkansas Family Coalition blog).

    Now, here we have the Arkansas Supreme Court making a (unanimous!) decision about family matters, giving parental status to homosexual couples while claiming that the "morality" argument doesn't hold up. This decision is VERY disappointing.

    Just a historical note for readers on a moral decision made during the 2004 elections -- Arkansans overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment against gay marriage by a margin of 75%-25%. [Reference link (2004) -
    Arkansas Marriage Amendment Committee]

    We will be interested to hear Governor Huckabee's reaction to this.

    UPDATE: KARK has reaction from Arkansas Family Council spokesman Jerry Cox who says "this certainly won't be the end of it" and leaves open the possibility of pursuing the matter through legislation or a constitutional amendment.

    UPDATE: Here is a PDF (18 pages) of the Arkansas Supreme Court opinion (via the ACLU who was, not surprisingly, in favor of the decision).

    UPDATE: In the comments over at the ArkFam blog, Arkansas lawyer Mark White gives his take on the ruling.

    UPDATE: Some related good news on Baptist efforts here in Arkansas for orphaned children: Gifts in 2005 to Arkansas Baptist Children's Homes from churches topped $1.1 million - breaking the previous record by $200K. If you are interested in learning more or supporting this ministry, follow this link - Arkansas Baptist Children's Homes.

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/29/2006 11:00:00 AM

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    Wednesday, June 28, 2006

    A Kinder, Gentler Conservatism
    New Southern Baptist leader promises broader involvement.

    by Ken Walker posted 06/28/2006 10:00 a.m.

    The nation's largest Protestant denomination does not appear to be changing a 27-year-old conservative direction steered by powerful leaders. But the Southern Baptist Convention's new president is promising broader participation from the ranks of its 42,000 churches.

    Frank Page won a surprise first-ballot victory over two better-known candidates at the SBC's annual meeting, held June 13 and 14 in Greensboro, North Carolina.
    "I'm not talking about broadening the tent theologically, simply numerically," said Page, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Taylors, South Carolina. "There's a huge number of people who have been kind of kept out because they're not in a big enough church or whatever."

    Read the full story here

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/28/2006 03:08:00 PM

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    Tuesday, June 27, 2006

    This comes to us from the folks at the Family Research Council

    Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich (R) this week named 47-year-old Christopher Panos to fill a Baltimore District Court vacancy. Panos is openly homosexual. He has and his lover, with whom he lives, are raising a young girl. This action comes just a week after Ehrlich fired Robert J. Smith from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.Mr. Smith had stated on a cable TV program that he opposes recognizing gay unions as marriages and that his Roman Catholic faith teaches that homosexual conduct is "sexually deviant." Ehrlich moved quickly to dismiss Smith after his firing was demanded by Jim Graham, a D.C. gay activist, saying, "

    Robert Smith's comments were highly inappropriate, insensitive, and unacceptable. They are in direct conflict to my administration's commitment to inclusiveness, tolerance and opportunity."
    Ehrlich says he is guided by his "libertarian" convictions in these moves. But this is not even libertarian. Ehrlich's gay appointee will no doubt rule on marriage, divorce and adoption issues in his capacity as a judge. Those judgments then will be imposed on all citizens of Maryland. Gov. Ehrlich's lurch to the left is deplorable. His firing of Mr. Smith is an assault on religious liberty and on freedom of speech. His election-year conversion to champion of gay issues is pandering at its worst. This once again highlights the radical impact that the Supreme Court's decision in Lawrence v. Texas has had on the country.

    We hear the governor is going down in flames this fall. You know the Phelps people are all over this.

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/27/2006 04:37:00 PM

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    It's easier to post.

    June 27th in History

    1975: Hunting of Finback whales banned
    1977: French Somaliland becomes the independent country of Djibouti

    June 27th birthdays
    1462: Louis XII, King of France
    1844: Joseph Smith, Founder of the Mormon church
    1846: Charles Stewart Parnell, Irish leader
    1859: Mildred Hill, Composer of 'Happy Birthday'
    1880: Helen Keller, American author

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/27/2006 01:25:00 PM

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    Monday, June 26, 2006

    All Over Buffett, not Jimmy, but Warren!
    Down Shore Drift graciously takes on Warren Buffett's bad theology. Perhaps Guidestone should take an equity position in Berkshire Hathaway.

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/26/2006 09:36:00 PM

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    Get Ready for the Hogs

    Their names are Darren McFadden and Felix Jones and next year they will be sophomores.

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/26/2006 08:38:00 PM

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    Sunday, June 25, 2006

    Thou Shalt Not Speak of Thy Religion

    From the Culture Desk...

    The PC Police have claimed another victim - this time at the hands of the Republican Governor of Maryland, Bob Ehrlich.

    This latest unfortunate episode was both unneccesary and disgraceful.

    Robert J. Smith, appointed by Governor Ehrlich to the governing board of the Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, recently appeared on a political talk show as a panelist. A regular on the show, his appearance had nothing to do with his official capacity on behalf of the board, but as a "Republican activist". During the course of the show, Mr. Smith voiced his opposition toward homosexuality referring to gays as "persons of sexual deviancy".

    Following the show, a homosexual member of the transit board asked him to apologize or recant his statements. He refused. The complaint then went to the governor and five hours later Smith was fired.

    The governor issued a statement about "tolerance" and a transit authority manager sent a memo to all 10,000 Metro employees about their nondiscrimination policy.

    A backlash has ensued from various religious organizations. Patrick Buchanan, whom we don't always agree with, has written an op-ed on the issue that's worth reading.

    Meanwhile, in a further attempt to move to the political "center", Ehrlich has just appointed an openly gay judge to the Baltimore Discrict Court.

    We are not sure of Governor Ehrlich's current religious leanings, but he was reportedly raised in a conservative Lutheran household. Whatever the case, he should be ashamed of his actions. A governor who has promoted faith-based initiatives in his administration should not then fire someone for voicing their own personal religious beliefs. What's more, he should not appease the homosexual lobby for the sake of political support. More than likely, he has not done himself a favor. Ehrlich is up for reelection this year.

    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/25/2006 07:19:00 PM

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    posted by Arkansas Razorbaptist at 6/25/2006 07:37:00 AM

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    On Tap for the Hogs

    Arkansas vs. Ole Miss
    Saturday, October 21, 2006
    Fayetteville 11:30 A.M. On TV. [Lincoln Financial Sports]

    Opposing Team Sites:

    Official Ole Miss Football
    Rivals Ole Miss
    Scout Ole Miss


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